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  • Sapphire Earrings - 14k White gold oval 1.20cttw sapphire and .15cttw diamond earrings
    Sapphire EarringsPrice: $1,213.00
  • Green Amethyst Earrings - 18k gold and sterling silver green amethyst drop earrings
    Green Amethyst EarringsPrice: $963.00
  • Diamond Journey Earrings - 14k WG .87cttw diamond Journey earrings
    Diamond Journey EarringsPrice: $3,438.00
  • Morganite Earrings - 18k white and rose gold 1.98ct tw morganite earrings with .56ct tw diamonds
    Morganite EarringsPrice: $2,650.00
  • Diamond Earrings - 14k WG .22cttw black and .38cttw white diamond earrings
    Diamond EarringsPrice: $1,213.00
  • Diamond Earrings - 14k Two tone .44cttw diamond earrings
    Diamond EarringsPrice: $2,813.00
  • Dewdrop Earrings - 14k White Gold 7mm Cultured Pearl Earrings, .42ct.tw. Diamonds
    Dewdrop EarringsPrice: $1,125.00
  • Green Amethyst Earrings - 14k WG .83cttw diamond and 3.49 Green Amethyst earrings
    Green Amethyst EarringsPrice: $3,313.00
  • Sapphire Earrings - 14k WG Round multi colored sapphire earrings
    Sapphire EarringsPrice: $2,105.00
  • Onyx Earrings - 14k WG Black Onyx Earrings with .12ct tw diamonds
    Onyx EarringsPrice: $1,220.00